Don Brodie is a First Generation American Photographer based in
Brooklyn, NY. With a strong rooted background in Jamaican culture,
he finds reflections of a community in all of his work. Although a lot of
Brodie's work takes place in and is based on his culture, his projects
also reflect life growing up in a diverse America and experiences
from a vast amount of world travel.

Of his favorite subjects - Taxi divers from the 3rd World (Transportation on a basic level universally as a way of communication), Back Yard Wrestlers in his hometown (Human consciousness and compromise), and documenting family, friends, and life experiences (Nostalgia) remain at the top of his photographic mind.

In 2014, Don Brodie joined with Gasoline - an unofficial camera club consisting of a network from around the world. Since that time, Brodie has contributed to many of the independent publications produces by Gasoline, as well as, curated and collaborated with both formal and informal Galleries and Exhibits.